House churches are a key expression of the Way. They are an opportunity for believers to engage in deeper fellowship; discipleship; evangelism; prayer; regular teaching; pastoral care; cultivation of prophetic function; worship; and communion. They run weekly at different times and each house church has its own flavour and dynamics. We encourage you to come together for fellowship in this close knit, relational style of fellowship.

Isaac & Grace
0404 060 014
Monday 7pm, Bendigo.

Daniel, Kim & Lachie
0491 672 108
Wednesday 7pm, Spring Gully.

Graeme & Lois
Alpha Discipleship
0402 915 960

Monday 9.30am, Golden Square.

Chris & Jess
0421 303 778
Wednesday 7.30pm, Eaglehawk.

Girl's Group (12-18 yr old girls)
0449 545 089
Tuesday 3:30pm - 5:30 pm, Bendigo.

Scott & Paula

0448 396 043
Tuesday, 7pm, Bendigo

Begins June 30th

SISTERHOOD (Women's group)
0449 545 089

Sunday (fortnightly from 4pm)

Luke & Stephanie
0490 968 038
Monday, 7.00pm, North Bendigo.

Kahlan & Tezzi
0488 957 507
Tuesday, 7pm, Bendigo.

Please contact the house church you're interested in to confirm it is running.

Interested in Joining a House Church in the Bendigo Area?